Hi, my name is Illona and I am so happy to be accompanying you throughout this program.

I specially created this course for you who is curious and wanting to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.

While working with individuals I have found that the biggest barrier is that we have disconnected from feeling and yet haven't reconnected.

This course will not only help you to reconnect with yourself, but give you ways to empower and clean/purify yourself along the journey.

Jump in with an open mind and a loving heart - you can only be excited at the idea of reconnecting with yourself.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Develop awareness of self
  • Detoxify from the toxins around and within you
  • Build a stronger connection with your body
  • Dive into new practices of self love and self care
  • Optimise your health !

The journey towards purification program will initiate you with a bundle of different tools that empowers you to become more aware of the environment you are creating inside and outside of yourself.

We look at our mindset, leaning on positive psychology studies to empower your brain and develop a mindset that allows you to thrive.

We dive into yoga practices that helps us develop the awareness needed to fully understand where the focus need to go as well as using yogic techniques used for years for self-purification.

We munch on nutrition tips and solutions that will impact the way you nourish yourself - and therefore impact what you call in your life!

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